Rabu, 14 April 2010

I try to hold on but it hurts too much, I try to forgive but it's not enough to make it all ok

So, hi people. How are you? Im not really asking btw :p
I've been so unproductive these days, all I do is just sitting in front of laptop and twitter-ing all day long. Yes yes, I bet y'all do the same thing like me. Oh wait, or is it just me? :O

Man, I miss writing!!!!! I miss blog-walkings, I miss blogging, I miss everything in this blog; the peoples, the memories, those ideas that popped in my head all of sudden when I'm writing, ....

Ah and yes, I do miss you too.

I feel so empty these days.. I usually call him at night (actually we still phone to each other sometimes). Tell him my problems, then he'll tell me it'll be ok. He made me laugh with those stupid jokes. And you made my day. As simple as that.

And you know, since everything's done... Something's missing in my head. My heart. My soul.

I've never been single this long-- don't get me wrong dear, it's not like 'I can't stand being single!' or 'uh I cant live without him' and another cheesy words, no no. But really, this boy drives me crazy. Eventhou' we've broken up for almost a year, I still can't face the truth that he's no longer... mine. And this is the reason why I stay single.

All I know that,

this is my fault.

Shall we move on? Yes yes.

Have I mentioned you? I got three days off! Yeah, 3 days. While another school got 7 days off from school. Oh oh, 78. I gotta take a bath and do those homeworks <--- oh yes such a diligent student, ain't I? :p

Adios people! :)

p.s.: I never cried since.. Idk when. But I cried while I was typing this. I miss you terribly :/

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