Senin, 22 Juni 2009

A Promise

I've finally got my scores. Not bad but not good either, and I'm pretty disappointed with it. Oh stop it, I have to be grateful. Thou' this would be hard to get 78hs, I'm sure I can pass. Yes, I will! Amin.

Talking about high school reminds me something, being separated.

He's got the best score in one of UAN's subject. A lot of people talking about you, about "how can you get 100 for your math test? oh gosh," or something like that (look, how people envy you so much, boy). It means that he can get almost every good high school easily. Easily. I thought everything has done, which means there's nothing to worry about. But in the very last minute, you changed your mind and you told me that you wouldn't take that school. School that we've always been wanting. I was like.... omfg what the heck are you thinking? Everyone wants to be there! And you?


I tried to compared this school and that school. Reminds him that there're so many jerks there, talked about future, but still, he ignored me. He never heard about my opinions anymore. May god hears my pray......

Surely, It hurts me so bad. Being separated is the best painful ever, ryt?

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