Minggu, 28 Juni 2009

Another chit-chats


Finally few days ago I watched Transformer 2, I thought It would be as great as Knowing but.. sorry, which part you called cool, dude? Uh, no offense guys. But the boy next to me screamed and laughed almost every single time while watching it. Yes, he is Kevin.

I had a very rough problems these days, and I bet many kids in this world have been through this, a typical love-problem. and the one who'd willing to hear my problems was only Kevin. He asked me some questions that made me... realized.
And as time passed by, I knew that Kevin is the most mature boy I've ever met. hmm no, the most mature person I've ever met! thanks for keep cheering me up and gave me the best solution. hopefully we go to the same school again for the next three years, dude.

I think I've spent so much money this holiday +__+ oh my. can somebody tell me how to earn money?

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