Senin, 04 Mei 2009



A couple days ago I joined a meeting in TPI. The leader was Mr.Robert, he's a programming in one of television company in Sweden. At the first time it was a bit hard to spoke with him, he talked very fast and I was actually nervous @__@ I was the only one Indonesian and the youngest among the other.
but as time passed by I enjoyed the meeting. It's totally hilarious! met new people (they're all spoke in english!), learn about broadcasting, and finally I know become a movie director is not as easy as what I thought of. it's hard and it needs so much effort. but it makes me burn up to become a movie director! yey!
too bad, there are no cameras allowed :( but when break time, mom took a picture of me and mr.robert!

I just read Dinda's blog, she's unlike the other girls. she wants to continue high school in Canada or Singapore with her own money. she's just 8th grader and she can earn money by herself! Isn't that great? well, I'm proud of you Din! :)

please please ignore my previous post, I was just too emotional.


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Azalea mengatakan...

haha pipiku merah T_T

Amanda mengatakan...

i'm wondering ur face din! hahaha