Rabu, 27 Mei 2009


(Listening to : Hellthy Podcast - Bloc Party)

Good afternoon everyone! While waiting my oatmeal done, I'm thinking of what will I do this holiday... I want buy some cute stuffs and new outfits and go to thrifted shop, too bad no money -_- So I'm thinking of DIY project! Oh Doing DIY project would be fun in this super long long holiday, rite? There are lots of DIY project I wanna do:

1. Cute necklaces
2. Pinhole Camera
3. Make my own bokeh on my lens
4. Ripped-aced washed jeans
5. Photo shoot, of course! :)

So to all my friends, wanna join with me?

4 komentar:

Brillie mengatakan...

harapan yang sederhana tapi bermakna untuk harimu. keep up your good work!

jellypilotot mengatakan...

ditunggu DIYnya mandaaa :D

Amanda mengatakan...

@ Brillie: terimakasih!! (:

Amanda mengatakan...

@jellypilot: nad, waktu itu katanya lo mau bikin statement necklace ya? gue udah coba nih tapi susah hehehe