Senin, 13 April 2009


There are so many things happened this week.
  • Someone told me that he loves me, this guy's really nice and cute actually :p too bad, he's kind of playboy. lol
  • UAN is getting very very closer. but I still can't do math at all.
  • Mom is snorty recently, it's because I'm too lazy to study -__-
  • I'm having test this week, and my chairmate is really bluster! oh man, I wanna kick your mouth!
  • Ruben, a close friend of mine gives me the best advice in the world and it works!! HAHA.
  • Mom wants me to study harder for this Pra-Un. she will buy me another Nike shoes if I get 9,5 for my math test. yeay!
No pictures for today guys. I'm stressed out, there will be math test and I'm totally scared! wish me luck everyone~

2 komentar:

Nisa Puspasari mengatakan...

goodluck maaaan aku minggu dpn nih ohmygoaaaaat aku jg blm siap! :S

Amanda mengatakan...

goodluck ya kak nisa!!!!! do your best kakkkk :D:D