Minggu, 08 Maret 2009


Currently reading a lot of manga and spending my time to watch DVDs. My blog seems monotone since I always talk about UN.

Tsubasa Chronicle is one of my favorite, the anime is still going on animax, but I prefer the manga!

This sunday I'm going to have test at Labschool, but I even haven't done the task yet. There will be try out on Saturday and Sunday and 2 weeks later is final test. I seem so tired rite? But I have my magic words: I-can-do-it! I try to do math everyday even I don't. I study science everynight even it's hard. Cool rite? Since my teacher said like this "Do the things you don't like everyday", It has changed my study schedule. thanks sir!

p.s.: I miss Thirtieth squad so bad, and oh, I'm no longer an osis organisation now. good luck for osis 31 anyway :D

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abraham palafox mengatakan...

love your pics :)
love your life.


Amanda mengatakan...

oh thankyou so much for your lovely comment ;)