Sabtu, 21 Februari 2009

OFTER for osis 31


One of my english teacher at school is going to USA this month, she has to continue her study cause she's got accepted in university already. Good luck Ms.Irna!
I might be moving in UK soon. perhaps 3 years later. not sure yet, but I have to.

OFTER (orientation for the next osis leader) in my school has finished. I remember that day when I was standing in the middle of school yard and the whole school watched me. I was one of the candidate for osis leader last year, the jury asked me questions in english -which I didn't really understand cause my english was so sucks! aaah I get ashame every single time I remember that. but now.. I have to consent my job as a secretary for the next osis member.

a half of my heart says "I don't want leave osis now, you have to wait until I graduate!" but the other side says "I gotta kick out from osis now!!!! don't you remember that national examination is coming up?"

it probably hurts we have to separate each other..we've been together for many months friends. you know that reunion won't be as absorbed as now. but life must goes on, it's nearly the time for us-- I mean for 9th grader to concentrate for national examination. and the 8th grader have to work harder for the next term!

well, this is only my thoughts. sorry for too long post~ have a good sunday everyone! :D

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