Kamis, 19 Februari 2009

La Bamba

Hello people! it's been a long time since the last time we talked, rite? aah you don't know how much I miss writing *wink wink* Actually I don't know what I'm goin' to write but I'm in the mood to write something hehee. So how's my days? getting better, I guess :D I got good score almost in every subject, yeay!!!! And.... the election for the next osis leader will be start tomorrow. ah, I can't wait to see who's the next leader!
Oh, I've been playing and taking photos with cameroid. wo-hooo it's soooo fun fun fun!


I just realized that I don't have any good self-portraits sighh, I'm goin' to make photo session with my sisters this weekend. I'll post the photos later. ciao!

2 komentar:

Cassey Bunny mengatakan...

you got good scores on every subject! whoa, you're smart! i was a lazy ass back in school :p

Amanda mengatakan...

haaaaaa thankyou so much for left me comment kak cassey! I love your blog and artworks kak :D:D haaa actually I'm not that smart heheee