Sabtu, 03 Januari 2009

hello again, buddy!

Had a long walk with him, took lots of pictures, shared our life... we've been a year, dude! After broke up for awhile and passed rough days without him, finally we're back as a couple again! Maybe you don't know him cause on my previous blog I never wrote something about my relationship with someone.
You might ask me about why I moved here, to another blog. At the first time I want delete the old one, but then Bena said to me, "you'd better make a new one than delete your blog!" I think it's better, rite?

p.s.: I will link you later, blogger!

2 komentar:

Alyada mengatakan...

Manda awet yaaaaaaaaaaaaa what a greatttttt couple

Amanda mengatakan...

waaaaa thank you so much yada <33